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WynBay LLEN had organised an independent evaluation of the Youth Partnerships ISS Project by former World Bank consultant Tracey Delany. The full report, insights and recommendations were submitted to DEECD in December 2013.

The In School Support Project was based on an exploratory and emergent approach that did not pre-determine a final model but instead drew on the experience of providing individualised case management to identify gaps and challenges in the current systems which could then be considered in the context of a focused literature review to draw recommendations for longer term solutions for support in schools

The recommendations made below were not made in isolation and much of the findings of this report reflect current thinking in the area of student engagement. In particular, within the Victorian Policy context a number of strategies and policy options already exist that reflect some, if not all of the recommendations made below:

Recommendation 1 Recommendation 2 Recommendation 3 Recommendation 4 Recommendation 5 Recommendation 6 Recommendation 7
There is a need for an integrated education system, comprising a continuum of provision options (offered within school and community settings) catering to the differentiated needs of children and young people at risk of disengaging. There is a need for effective and standardised early identification systems to ensure that schools can identify youth at risk of disengaging, such as universal implementation of the Student Mapping Tool. There is a need for high expectations on attendance and behaviour to be maintained and promoted. There is a need for adequate and coordinated resourcing of student wellbeing within schools, including the consistent and cooperative use of those resources. There is a need to build the capacity of young people through positive relationships with adults and peers that strengthen students’ psychological and cognitive engagement with school and learning. There is a need to equip young people with the life skills to be able to seek out and effectively engage with available support services. There is a need to offer flexible learning approaches within schools that tailor responses to the needs of children and young people at risk of disengaging from school.