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About the Project

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The aims of the project were to:

  • Research and document existing local alternative education models and settings;
  • Research and document similar regional, state-wide and worldwide models and settings to identify best practise; and
  • Benchmark existing alternate education models against best practice.

The purpose of this work was to inform and advocate for improved support, resources or funding for local providers in the context of challenges faced in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay. The project complemented the existing work of the WynBay LLEN and helped advance the strategic goals of the LLEN in relation to improved re-engagement of vulnerable young people.


The WynBay LLEN Alternative Education Options Project had used the following activities to inform this report and meet the requirements of the project:

  • Facilitated the WynBay LLEN Network of local stakeholders with an interest in alternative education to provide a platform for work in this area over the longer term;
  • Built knowledge and understanding of various alternative education models with those key stakeholders to inform the future delivery of alternative education locally;
  • Utilised this network to develop a consensus approach to what is needed in the local area by conducting a SWOT Analysis of currently available services and proposed future delivery;
  • Investigated world best practice options for alternative education options for young people aged 10-18 years of age;
  • Consulted widely with local schools and health and community services to establish the need and potential local level interventions;
  • Commissioned a Literature Review and research support to further develop understanding of the Alternative Education Options sector and best practice;
  • Developed a final report including a business case outlining recommendations for enahnced support for Alternative Education models and a agreed model/s for broader implementation.


  • Bayside P-12 College;
  • Hoppers Crossing Secondary College;
  • Laverton P-12 College;
  • Manor Lakes P-12 College;
  • Point Cook Senior Secondary College;
  • Tarneit Senior College;
  • The Grange P-12 College;
  • Werribee Primary School;
  • Western English Language School;
  • Woodville Primary School;
  • Wyndham Central College;
  • Karingal Create Youth;
  • Wyndham Community and Education Centre;
  • Williamstown Community and Education Centre;
  • The Link Centre;
  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development;
  • Youth Partnerships Secretariat;
  • Wyndham City Council;
  • Hobsons Bay Council;
  • Department of Health and Aged Care;
  • Department of Human Services and Police;
  • Ruth Morton : Social Researcher and Consultant;
  • WynBay LLEN: Project Manager & Contractor.

Issues & Challenges

Many of the challenges in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay span multiple sectors and require the involvement of organisations spanning government, industry and the community. A key challenge was to bring these parties together for the Youth Partnerships Alternative Education Options Project.

Due to WynBay LLEN’s existing partnerships in the school system and in service delivery, it was able to bring its key partners together for this project. Thus a crosssector approach to developing and implementing this project was achieved. A diverse range of government and non-government organisations participate in the WMR Youth Partnerships Local Governance Committee and the Working Group.

These organisations included: Department of Human Services; Department of Health; Victoria Police; Wyndham City Council; Hobsons Bay City Council; DEECD WMR; WCIG; The Smith Family; HealthWest Primary Care Partnership; Latitude Hobsons Bay; Wyndham Youth Support Services; and Student Support Service Officers.

A key challenge was achieving effective communication and coordination between this diverse group of organisations. WynBay LLEN worked closely with the Youth Partnerships Project Officer and employed a Project Manager to oversee the project.