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The final report which was submitted in December 2013, provided the following evidence:

  • a review of relevant research and policy literature;
  • a scan of the current arrangements for provision of alternative education in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay, including a custom survey of all stakeholders;
  • ten local and international best practice examples; 
  • the findings from the Working Group convened for this project.

Based on the findings above it is immediately evident that space, greater funding, coordination and an increase in provision of alternative education is necessary to improve educational outcomes for young people in the WynBay area. 

Two different models were recommended for each of Wyndham and Hobsons Bay areas:

Model 1 – Age group 10 - 14 years

  • Outcome – transition back into mainstream schooling;
  • Tier 3 flexible learning options within school setting to be short-term, intensive programs;
  • Recommendations from the In School Support project were relevant in this case.

Model 2 – Age group 15 – 18 years

  • Outcome – transition back into mainstream schooling wherever possible or into further education, training or employment;
  • Tier 4 flexible learning options outside school setting to be long-term ongoing programs.

Recommendation for the 15 – 18 years group was MAINSTREAM +, a WynBay Community Learning Hub model” that can be defined as:

A model of school-community partnership that involves collaboration between schools and other sectors in order to support the learning and wellbeing of disadvantaged children and their families through the provision of multiple services available in a single location or network of places in an integrated way.

This model would serve to provide an answer to the practical and structural barriers by providing a range of social services either in a school or in collaboration with a school. The hub would call on services to ensure access to necessary support and services are readily available to all, with a focus on children who are at a disadvantage and at risk.

A Business Case had also been developed to facilitate the realisation of this recommendation for the young people in the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay areas. It has been recommended that upon further feasibility study, a detailed business plan be developed on the basis of this business case.