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Re-engage WynBay

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The Re-engage Wyndham Program was designed to implement new programs for re-engagement of 12-17 year old students at risk of disengagement at a Wyndham-wide level. The program commenced as a pilot program in 2013, funded by DET (former DEECD). 

WynBay LLEN brokered partnerships between 7 schools (5 secondary schools and 2 P-12 schools), Wyndham Community and Education Centre and CREATE Wyndham to submit an application for DET's Re-engagement Program Pilots. The application was submitted to DET in September 2012 and funding was successful. A total of 100 students across the seven participating schools were assisted under the program. 

The pilot enabled the development and delivery of a new, targeted re-engagement program, which contains school based elements and community based elements and allow better collaboration with primary health care providers and Youth Partnerships initiatives in the region.

The program has applied best practice in the delivery of tailored programs for students at risk. The program was fully documented; specialist modules developed; and outcomes were tracked and evaluated, including case studies and a full evaluation. A key aspect of this project was that WynBay LLEN continued to facilitate the program beyond the pilot stage and used the evaluation as a basis for development of a region wide re-engagement strategy for the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay region. 

The pilot program objectives were:

  1. To establish an integrated regional and best practice approach to re-engaging school students, who are at risk of early disengagement from education.
  2. To develop the content for re-engagement programs and to develop modules specifically designed for two target age groups: 12-14 year olds and 15-17 year olds.
  3. To provide young people with access to structured school-based programs and access to community-based programs (or a combination of both).
  4. To deliver individualised programs to students that focus on re-engagement and transitions.
  5. To fully document the program for ongoing implementation in the Wyndham region and for the extension of best practice approaches to other areas.

Program Partners



Our Role

As a Project Manager, WynBay LLEN:

  • worked closely with the Lead School for the application and brokered the involvement of Partner Schools and Partners Delivery, to form a steering committee and working group for the application; 
  • brokered the formation of a cluster between the schools and completed the application process to DET's (former DEECD) Re-engagement Program Pilots Expression of Interest. This involved full program outline, project budget and operational budget and assisted the coordination and implementation of the pilot program, providing secretariat services to the Steering Committee and facilitating access to major businesses and other employers in the region;
  • brokered participation of its community and industry partners in the program comprising: Wyndham City Council - Youth Resource Centre; Headspace; Youth Connections; Anglicare; Centrelink; Victoria Police (community engagement and youth officers); and WynBay LLEN's Industry and Business Advisory Group (IBAG).