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Wyndham Learning Community Strategy (2014 - 2017)

This strategy has been produced by the Wyndham Learning Community Forum, a group of 44 people established by Wyndham City Council to provide advice and recommendations on encouraging learning in Wyndham. The project was led by the Wyndham Library Service and was assisted by the MosaicLab team. MosaicLab designed and facilitated the four Forum Group workshops and prepared all workshop and strategy reports.

The aims and actions of the Wyndham Learning Community Strategy are addressed in five categories:

  1.  Learning for everyone: the community wide cultural change that supports and encourages learning for all.
  2. Early Years Life Stage: the learning needs of young children who have not yet started school.
  3. School Years Life Stage: the learning needs of children attending primary and secondary school.
  4. Young Adults Life Stage: the learning needs of people who have left school through to meaningful study or employment.
  5. Adults and Seniors Life Stage: the learning needs of adults from early adulthood through to seniors. 

How Young People are Faring in the Transition from School to Work

This is the 16th annual release of the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) report on young people’s transition from school to work (formally How Young People Are Faring). It looks at key education and employment indicators, as well as transitions into the labour market.