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Roles & Functions

Advocacy - Brokering Partnerships – Leadership - Social Market Research

The pivotal role of the WynBay LLEN has been to act as a regional/local strategic and facilitation body, bringing together local government regions to collaboratively contribute to improving the education, training and employment outcomes for local young people. Our objective is to facilitate stakeholder engagement, build community capacity and infrastructure and drive the government’s education reform. By brokering partnerships between education providers, business and industry, parents and families and community groups we help foster a strategic, whole-of-community approach that supports young people’s learning and development. We play an important role in ‘matching’ schools and business, using their expertise to establish aligned relationships.

We broker strategic local place based initiatives and partnerships that drives systemic change.

Primary Functions

  • evidence-based local planning to address gaps in the area of youth attainment and transitions;
  • coordinated planning and alignment;
  • engagement of, and communication with appropriate stakeholders from the education, training, employment, business and industry sectors of the community that promotes working together to improve career development and education, training and employment outcomes for local young people and closes the gap in education, training and employment outcomes for indigenous young people;
  • developing partnerships between parents and families, community and education and training providers to assist in achieving good education, training and employment  outcomes for young people and improved career development;
  • engagement with business and youth service organisations and networks;
  •  partnership facilitation and brokerage to develop and promote initiatives and services that address gaps; and
  • providing policy advice to government.

Secondary Functions

  • trial or pilot initiatives designed to support young people to make effective transitions that cannot be trialled by other network partners.

Partnering Skills

Our skills include:

  • Negotiation;
  • Mediation;
  • Facilitation;
  • Synthesising information;
  • Capacity-building;
  • Institutional engagement;
  • Institution-strengthening;
  • Evaluating / reviewing.